Combat Sports

Success in combat sports is derived from paying attention to the small details–from the mastery of technique. It’s the end product of good coaching and of commitment to drill rep, after rep, after rep, after rep. Followed by more reps still.

Be it in striking sports like boxing or muay thai, grappling sports like jiu-jitsu or wrestling, or hybrid disciplines like MMA, combatants have two training options:

  • Spar with a human opponent, or
  • Practice against a surrogate for one (i.e., punching bags, focus mitts, or grappling dummies).

While facing off against human opponents must always serve as the core of any effective training program, sparring with another person does have its drawbacks. You simply can’t train using full force without risking injury to yourself and your partner. Additionally, getting in enough reps is always a problem. It’s difficult to find people willing and able to take repeated physical abuse as you practice your technique on them.

Training products have long been available as alternatives to live sparring partners, but they have one or more shortcomings:

  • They aren’t sufficiently human-like. Some have a vague human contour; others may have a realistic torso and head but lack arms or legs.
  • They offer limited functionality. For example, some grappling dummies are useful for practicing a narrow set of submission drills, but aren’t intended for striking or sweeping. Other dummies are designed only for takedown drills, etc.
  • They can only assume a single fixed position and generally can’t be posed in different fighting stances.
  • If they have arms or legs, they’re typically rigid structures, or are otherwise not positionable, or don’t offer much resistance, or don’t return to their original position after being deflected. In short, they don’t behave like the real thing.

The Hawk CTP, with its advanced dynamic limbs, was designed to bridge the gap between human sparring partners and traditional punching bags. It is intended to eliminate the “training scars” that are a by-product of ineffective reps, resulting either from the lack of realism in punching bags or other training dummies, or from working out with a training partner that’s not willing to push the limits that you are.

What Makes Hawk Different?

HawkJiuJitsuHawk provides unparalleled versatility. You can use him to practice kicking, kneeing, punching, elbowing, clinching, trapping, clearing, takedowns, throws, sweeps, joint locks, submission holds, escapes, and more–basically any technique you’re trying to learn or perfect.

You can also engage Hawk with non-lethal weapons, making him a suitable target while practicing Kali, Silat and other martial arts disciplines that incorporate them.

Hawk’s realistic human appearance, feel, and limb movement enable the improved targeting needed to develop proper muscle memory. Fighters no longer need to visualize or imagine their opponent, as Hawk provides the exact target they want to hit. A muay thai fighter for example, can go high with a kick to the stomach and then turn their leg and go for the quadriceps or the knee. Hawk’s value becomes especially apparent when working these combinations and having to contend with a moving target and reactive limbs.

The reactive nature of Hawk’s arms and legs sets it apart from any other product out there. Fighters must really focus on keeping their guard up at all times or they’ll get hit back. Often, a person working on a heavy bag is overly focused on hitting it with power and overlooks their slip. Hawk’s arms will keep them honest.

Inexperienced fighters will also tend to get jammed up when working with a heavy bag as there are no relative landmarks to help them find their range. Hawk’s positioning–particularly his arms–allow fighters to find the proper distance and approach angle. Hawk allows a fighter to find their optimum effective range for long, mid and close range techniques.

Hawk’s hands can hold weapons and other objects, allowing a fighter to practice disarming techniques.

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