We would like to make any fight we engage in be an unfair one—one where the odds of victory are stacked in our favor. Three key areas where we can gain an advantage over our opponent are: superior technology, superior information, and superior preparation. Our focus at Virtic Industries is in ensuring that our warfighter is better prepared thru superior training.

Close quarters combat is arguably one of the most challenging aspects of warfare to train for, as well as one of the most critical ones. And its importance continues to grow as the battlefield becomes increasingly urbanized and operators are tasked with the additional demands of quickly distinguishing between an enemy combatant intent on doing them harm and a compliant bystander.

What makes close quarters combat so difficult to train for is the risk of injury or death. During training, operators would like to address a target with all available force options. But clearly, they can’t use lethal force. Even non-lethal force must be curtailed to avoid injury. Operators have to “pull their punches” and may inadvertently establish poor muscle memory.

The realistic look, feel, and bio-mechanics of the Hawk Combatives Training Partner (CTP) make it ideally suited to serve as a human surrogate role player in a variety of military training scenarios.

  • Hand to Hand Combat: Practice striking and grappling techniques; transition from upright to ground fighting; and engage with taser, impact weapons, or improvised weapons.
  • Shoot House: Engage Hawk with simunition rounds, outfit him with different clothing, and/or put weapons in his hands for “shoot / no-shoot” training.
  • Vehicle Combatives: Pose Hawk as vehicle driver and practice in-vehicle combatives and/or vehicle extraction drills.
  • Integrated Combatives: Subdue Hawk at close range with hand-to-hand combat techniques and transition to use of firearm for downrange targets.
  • Tactical Apprehension & Control: Use Hawk as the target to be apprehended and restrained.
  • Sentry Removal: Use Hawk as the sentry target and engage with a training blade.

Former Navy SEAL Dom Raso Jr. performs Integrated Combatives drills as part of his gear review article in NRA’s American Warrior magazine.

In the video below, Dynamis Alliance founder and former Navy SEAL Dom Raso Jr. reviews a prototype version of the Hawk CTP and demonstrates some of the training options it facilitates.