Hawk is a life-sized training dummy with detailed human features. In the absence of another person, he’s the most realistic sparring partner that you’ll find anywhere.

You can use Hawk to practice any of your combatives techniques, including striking, grappling, trapping, takedowns, submissions, chokes, throws, sweeps, and more. You can also engage Hawk with non-lethal weapons, practice handcuffing, and set him up as a role player in a variety of training scenarios.



  • Realistic look, feel, and bio-mechanics
  • Articulated joints hold any desired position
  • Limbs spring return to set position
  • Hands can hold weapons or other objects
  • Engage with simunitions, tasers, batons, etc.
  • Multiple mounting options

Key Benefits

  • Avoid sparring injuries without pulling punches
  • Condition muscle memory and avoid training scars
  • Reactive arms force you to keep your guard up
  • Helps trainers/instructors avoid wear and tear

Hawk can take a good beating. He is made from a specially formulated resilient polyurethane skin shell filled with a flexible polyurethane foam material that surrounds an internal skeletal structure. His compliant internal foam deflects to absorb a strike, but always returns back to its original shape. His skin is made from a specialty material formulation resulting in a smooth texture that looks and feels human; and it has a low coefficient of friction that reduces gripping force when struck so it won’t tear up your hands.

Hawk has a full human body shape, including arms, hands, legs, and feet. He has articulated joints, allowing you to configure his arms and legs in a wide variety of defensive and offensive fighting positions. It takes just a few seconds to position each limb and no tools of any kind are needed. Once configured in a desired position, a locking mechanism in each joint holds the arms and legs in that set position. Elastic elements in the internal skeletal frame allow the limbs to be deflected from their set position and automatically restore the limbs back to that set position. So once you set him up in a particular configuration, you can do rep after rep after rep without having to put him back in that position yourself.